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Facing with the increasingly acute situations of the global energy supply and environment, we abide by our corporate citizenship with the goal of "developing the world-class international energy company", and devote ourselves to energy-saving, environmental-friendly, safe oil and gas production and supply, making our contribution to protecting the mother Earth and serving the greater good.

Sinochem enjoyes more than 60 years of experience in the oil industry. Sinochem’s energy business consists of exploration & production of oil and gas(E&P), oil refining, oil trading, storage & logistics, distribution & retails. By further extending business to the upstream and downstream sectors, optimizing the industrial and profitability structure, strengthening our competitive advantages in international oil trading, and enhancing our business portfolio, Sinochem as a result strengthened the sustainability of oil business, and has developed into a large energy company that is highly internationalized with a complete industrial chain, outstanding marketing ability.

As a national oil company, Sinochem is committed to safeguarding national energy security. By tapping the experience in resources acquisition, channel and operations in both international and domestic markets, Sinochem plays an active role in domestic and international oil and gas supply, participates in the construction of the state strategic oil reserve and study in the nation energy development planning, and strives to help the nation build up diversified oil supply system and takes an increasingly important part in energy market of China and the global.

In the future, Sinochem will continue to create more synergy across of oil industrial chain, expand its business size and enhance the competitiveness. Our aim is to realize a synchronized growth among oil and gas production, economic return, and social benefit. We are endeavoring to become a world-renowned oil company with premium assets, international-leading refineries, strong operation capacity and sustainable development, making our contribution to the energy industry of China and the world at large.