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Sinonchem Group is the only central-government-owned company that operates the three major agro-inputs, including fertilizer, seed and pesticide. Drawing upon our advanced techniques, quality products and professional services, we are committed to becoming China’s largest and world-leading comprehensive service provider for agro-inputs, and making contribution to the grain security and agricultural development of China and the world at large.

Sinofert Holdings Limited (Sinofert for short, Stock Code:HK,00297), the fertilizer flagship of Sinochem, is the largest fertilizer supplier and distributor in China. With a complete industrial chain covering upstream resource, R&D, production, distribution and agronomic services, Sinofert plays an important role in stabilizing the domestic fertilizer supply and facilitating China’s agricultural development.

China National Seeds Group Corporation (China Seed for short) owned by Sinochem is a national class seed company in China. With its overall strength taking the lead in China, it is devoted to becoming a company that integrates seed breeding, production and popularization, with number one position in China and top ranking worldwide, promoting the seed industrial upgrading of China.

Sinochem’s pesticide business integrates R&D, production and sale, with its overall competitiveness ranking among the top players in China. In recent years, based on our traditional strength in trade, we continue to enhance the key links of the pesticide industrial chain, so as to provide efficient and green pesticide product and professional services, which makes us the important force that drives China’s pesticide industrial upgrading.

In the future, we will continue to take it as our responsibility to protect the grain safety and to facilitate the agricultural development of China as well as the world, we also continue to enhance the key links on the agricultural industry chain and make our best efforts to become a leading agro-input service provider in the world.