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Sinochem Group’s chemical business is developed on the basis of the international trade and circulation service for chemical products, and has built relative strong competitiveness on fluorine chemical, natural rubber, chemical logistics, petrochemical feedstock and pharmaceutical business. We have become the leading comprehensive service provider for chemical products in China, and are playing a constructive role in promoting the technological upgrading and the safe, green, harmonious development of chemical industry.

In recent years, we have further extended our industry chain in segment industries such as fluorine chemical, natural rubber and chemical logistics, thus boosting market status and competitive edge. In the sector of trade circulation with traditional advantage like petrochemical raw materials, we have led China in the export and import of some relevant products by keeping innovating operation mode and diversifying our products, In the pharmaceutical sector, we have strengthened our strength through the cooperation with world-renowned company.

In the future, centering on fluorine chemical, natural rubber and rubber chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical chemical, chemical logistics and petrochemical feedstock distribution business, we will further enhance our capacity on resource acquisition, technology development and market exploration, consolidate our industrial position, and facilitate the chemical business’ sustainable development.