In the fluorine chemical business, Sinochem Group has formed a complete industrial chain comprising of resources exploitation (fluorine spa and AHF), R&D, production, sales and marketing.

Sinochem Lantian Co., Ltd. (abbr. Sinochem Lantian) is the leading player in fluorine chemicals’ R&D and production in China. It is also the Chinese company that enjoys the multilateral fund of the Montreal Protocol, the international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer. Sinochem Lantian owns a complete industrial value chain integrating resource development (fluorite and hydrofluoric acid), R&D, production and sales. Its products blanket fluorocarbon chemicals, fluorine-containing specialty chemicals, fluoropolymers, and inorganic fluoride salt, with dozens of them taking up the largest share in Chinese and international market. Among these products, “Jinleng” HFC-134a and R4 series products have realized cooperation with over 80% of the domestic automobile, refrigerators and central air-conditioner manufacturers, and also established long-term partnership with many well-known brands like BMW, becoming the NO.1 brand in the domestic automobile refrigerant as well as household and commercial air-conditioner refrigerant market. In 2014, “Jinleng” was named “China Famous Trademark”, with its brand value at RMB 1.386 billion. The “Kehua”
TFA series of products occupy nearly 60% of the domestic market, with its sales maintaining 20% growth rate in the past two years.

We have 30 million MT of fluorite reserve, topping the peer companies in the Chinese market. In addition, we are able to
supply 80,000 tons of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and 30,000 tons of trichloroethylene annually, creating a resource base that can prop up the long-term development of our fluorine chemical business.

As the national key fluorine chemical research unit and the National ODS Substitute Engineering Technology Research Center, Sinochem Lantian is the earliest player to get involved in halon and ODS research and production. In terms of fluorocarbon chemicals, Sinochem Lantian independently developed over 40 proprietary ODS substitutes, which nearly cover all the categories currently developed around the globe. In the area of fluorine-containing fine chemicals, the TFA series we developed cover the most complete range of products and boast the highest product quality. As for new energy and new material, the fluorine-containing specialty film products applied on photovoltaic backsheet and the new type of evaporation-cooling mediums for wind power generation broke international technological monopolies. The production technology for highly reactive fluorination catalyst developed by us broke the international technological monopoly, and has been adopted the production of several products, and through its application we are able to reduce tens of thousands of tons of ODS emission every year. In 2014, we made 10 national level and industrial level standards, and received 45 patents. The two
national “863” projects we are in charge of have entered the stage of completion acceptance.

In recent years, we have independently developed another refrigerant brand “Feng Leng”. One of the products under this brand series HFC-161 has become the substitute of HCFC-22. With its ODP at zero and GWP at 12, HFC-161 has blazed a new trail for the development of the global environmental-friendly refrigerants and makes contribution to the reduction of green-house gas emission, which made it a highlight in the 24th International Refrigerant Expo.

The company has set up 20 plus plants in seven provinces to produce over 50 products or product mixes, with its production
capacity sitting at over 300,000 tons per annum. In 2014, the production lines for our trifluoro-series witnessed renovation
and expansion; CFC-113a project was completed and put into production. Our joint-venture projects with Solvay and Honeywell respectively were put into production one after another, which intensified our position in the fluorine chemical industry.