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Sinochem enjoys 60 years of history engaging in natural rubber business. Our business covers natural rubber planting, production, processing, marketing and value-added service. Our business footprints spread across China, Southeast Asia and Africa, forming a unique business landscape that integrates the international and domestic market, and blanketing both the
upstream and downstream areas. It makes us the pioneer in the major “One Belt and One Road” strategy of the central government. We are the leading rubber business operator and service provider in China, and also the competitive natural rubber resources developer and service supplier in the international market. Our resource covers Southeast Asia, West Africa, and Hainan and Yunnan of China. Our major customers locate in Asia, Europe and America. By the end of 2014, we have owned 80,000 hectares of
natural rubber plantation globally, and 22 rubber processing plants in China, Thailand and West Africa, with annual processing capacity positioning at over 700,000 tons. In 2014, our natural rubber sales volume surpassed 800,000 tons, which made us the third largest global player in terms of market share.Taking the high-end radial tire as the featured product, the company is supplying premium products for world-renown international tire companies as well Chinese tire companies.

In terms of resource acquisition, we successfully acquired EUROMA RUBBER of Malaysia, GMG Global Ltd. listed in Singapore, and TBH of Thailand, invested in SIAT of Belgium, thus secured new planting and production resource in Africa and Indonesia. For production and processing, we keep optimizing our capacity layout across the globe. At present, we have manufacturing and processing capacity in such major natural rubber production region as West Africa, Souteast Asia, Yunnan and Hainan of China.

As for marketing and service, we keep enhancing our management on the supply chain. Through the sales outlets, storage hubs and logistics service facilities across China as well as the overseas marketing platform like Singapore, we have strengthened our capacity to serve our downstream clients. We have also intensified the strategic cooperation with the Top 10 global tire players like Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental and Goodyear, marking our marketing scale ever expanding.

In terms of R&D, we fully leverage the Natural Rubber R&D Center to support the enhancement of our manufacturing and processing process and the efficiency of our facilities, and to help the debottlenecking of our plants and update our products.
Our subsidiary Jiangsu Sinorgchem Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr. Jiangsu Sinorgchem) is the world leading rubber chemical supplier. Its product portfolio includes antiager PPD, intermediate RT base, insoluble sulfur, high purity TMQ, among which 6PPD and RT base’s capacity and market share top the list around the world. At present, Jiangsu Sinorgchem has become the comprehensive operator of rubber chemical R&D, production, and marketing services, with its clients covering the well-known tire companies around the globe.

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