Sinochem is vigorously developing our fine chemical business. we have strategic cooperation with international and domestic leading players on WPU, water-based functional material, polyether raw material, PU products, and have built up leading position. in certain water-based coating adhesives.

Our subsidiary Yangnong Group takes the lead and exerts global influence in the markets of chlorination and nitration of benzene, ECH, agro-used and sanitation-used dimethrin, and epoxy chloropropane. Its production capacity for chlorination, nitration is among the top in the world, the production capacity and market share of agro-used and sanitation-used dimethrin were among the top worldwide. The equipment for producing ethoxyline resin that employs the bio-based glycerol method, the first of its kind and by Yangnong’s indigenous technology enjoys leading position in terms of production capacity in China. Currently Yangnong Group has 4 fully-equipped fine chemical industrial bases, among which the one located in Zhongwei of Ningxia owns the production qualification to produce phosgene, which is quite rare in the market.

In terms of R&D, Yangnong Group is a national key high-tech company, and has built a national-level corporate technology
center, a postdoctoral research station, and a professional research institute and an engineering technology company that focus on pesticide, fine chemical and resin material. It has strong capability for developments of industrilization and commercialization.

Operating enterprises