The chemical logistics business of Sinochem Group led by Sinochem International, involves shipping, IOS tank containers multimodal transport, freight forwarding and terminal storage tanks, with total assetsvalue reaching nearly 7 billion yuan. Our shipping capacity and scale for liquid chemicals enjoys leading position in Asia, while the tank container transportation capacity and fleet size is among the top in the world. We are able to provide comprehensive chemical logistic solutions to customer with high efficiency at low cost.

In the shipping area, we are one of the largest professional operators for liquid chemical ships in China. It owns 70 IMO II/
III bulk liquid chemical ships, the capacity of which ranging from 1,000 to 45,000 tons, which add up to a total shipping capacity of 900,000 tons. We provide shipping service for all kinds of bulk liquid chemicals, highly hazardous liquid chemicals, acids, refined oil, edible oil, animal and plant oil, and other specialty chemicals, and is one of the largest professional operators of liquid chemical shipping in China. We have set up a set of safety management system reaching the international standards. Our ships reach the acceptance standards of such large oil companies as SHELL, BP, BASF and CHEVRON . We partnered up with Dorval SC Tankers Inc to set up a joint venture Sinochem Dorval, by leveraging the
strength of Dorval on the Australian and New Zealand routes to better service global clients. Sinochem International’s 27 ships received the direct shipping qualification, becoming the major force for transporting liquid chemicals across the Strait.

In terms of ISO tank containers logistics, we are the largest specialized tank containers operator in Asia, and the only tank
container operator in Asia that has realized a global operation. At present, it owns nearly 20,000 T11, T20, T50 and other types
of ISO tanks, and has a professional and a highly-efficient service management team. It is mainly engaged in transportation of liquid and gas chemicals, food and household chemicals.

As for terminal storage tanks business, Sinochem set up two joint ventures with Lianyungang Port Group , namely anyungang Port International Petrochemical Storage Company and Lianyungang Port International Petrochemical Harbor Service Company, which has throughput capacity of 5 million tons per year to perform chemical warehousing, customs bond, cargo loading and
unloading services.

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