Sinochem Group is one of the largest comprehensive distributors and services providers of petrochemical feedstock in China. We owns favorable upstream and downstream cooperation relation, logistic and distribution, technology support, with our distribution network all over China. We have become the most influential service provider in chemical trade and distribution. We are mainly engaged in bulk chemical raw materials and plastic products. In 2014, our petrochemical raw materials sales volume exceeded 4.3 million tons, which generated RMB 32 billion revenue; the styrene sales account for more than 20% in China; its imported amount of ethylene glycol is also the largest, and that of polyolefin is among the top five in the country. The amount of exported mornitered chemicals (MCCs) makes up 60% of the country’s total; the sales volume of acetone, BPA is among the top in China.

Sinochem Plastic Co. Ltd., our subsidiary, has established a business pattern centered on key customers and based on
resource acquisition, product marketing and risk control, and is committed to providing comprehensive service solutions to
customers. In terms of transport and trade coordination, the company conducted 75 voyages alone to the Middle East, the
cargo including core products like ethylene glycol, methanol, base oil, two DEG, liquefied gas. As for resource acquisition, we keep enhancing our partnership with international suppliers, such as SABIC, SHELL, CMO, FORMOSA, and BASF. In the area of distribution network, we have two operation platforms, set up branches and offices in Singapore, Dubai, Korea and Taiwan, owns 17 branches domestically, covering the major market in China.