Everything in the world is not easy and necessitates undergoing of hardships. In the past decade, each choice made by Sinochem Group required insight and courage, each leap forward was faced with risks and challenges, and each footprint was made with struggles and hard efforts. Sinochem Group commended a group of “entrepreneurship models” at 2012 working conference. They have practiced Sinochem Group’s code of conduct for “bearing oneself” and interpreted Sinochem Group’s core philosophy of “Creating Value and Pursuing Excellence” with outstanding achievements.
Deputy Director of Sinochem Fertilizer Center—Feng Mingwei
He is a fighter and has stuck to the fertilizer marketing field for many years, during which he ever made brilliant achievements and also had failures. However, he has never made himself fallen down; he packed and plucked up at swamp in haze to continue exploration on the great journey of Sinochem Group’s cause of “serving agriculture, countryside and peasants” (“three rural issues”). He has worked day and night and spared no efforts to lead his potash fertilizer team to make a turnaround and keep a top position in the market.
Deputy General Manager of Franshion Properties (China) Limited—He Binwu
He is a “foolish man” (who removed the mountains in traditional Chinese folk tales) by the Huangpu River and a master in Sinochem real estate business. The accumulated contributed profits are not his ultimate goal, and to make real estate of Sinochem Group stronger and better has been the theme for his learning, thinking and practice all the time. While he constructed the landmark “water portal” at the golden shoreline of North Bund of Shanghai, he also built a skyscraper of loyal dedication and professional ethics among the hearts of Sinochem employees.
General Manager of Sinochem Plastics Co., Ltd.—Zhang Xiaolei
23 years is a section of life, and he has integrated this section to Sinochem Group’s entrepreneurship cause. When many people believed that there was no future for petrochemical raw material marketing, he carried forward internal integration with insight and courage, pushed forward service transformation with intelligence and resolution and strengthened the marketing network with innovation and development. He has led the team to advance bravely for creating a premium enterprise specialized in petrochemicals business with everlasting loyalty and passions.
General Manager of Sinochem Ningbo Ltd.—Liu Jianping
He used to be the head for Sinochem Oil and for the Investment Management Department of Sinochem Group. In 2002, he left Beijing for Shanghai and then went to Ningbo. Since then, he has been away from his wife and child for more than ten years. Despite no post promotion and being far away from home, his passions for the cause have never faded. When seeking development opportunities for the enterprise, he has lightened himself, warmed others and brought the enterprise with vigor.
General Manager of the Accounting Department of Sinochem Corporation—Chen Shumin
His persistence, seriousness and pursuit of perfection make him a recognized “stubborn and practical man.” For a decade, tens of thousands of financial data have been shown to the outside world through him, and any error would bring serious consequence to the company. He has focused on the basis and management consistently and persistently and actively explored strategic resources by bringing into full play the advantages of financial knowledge, making outstanding contributions to business development and transformation.
Deputy Chief Engineer of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry—Liu Changling
Straightforward and devoted, he is a famous and influential expert engaged in scientific research in the domestic pesticide field. With persistence and fortitude, he has invented many new pesticide varieties, created a precedent for possession of proprietary intellectual property rights for Chinese pesticides and realized the dream of several generations of Chinese pesticide researchers, making outstanding contributions to the take-off of Sinochem Group’s pesticide business.
Deputy Director of Sinochem Oil Center—Zhong Ren
13 years ago, when faced with survival or extinction with Sinochem Group’s oil trade, most elites cultivated by Sinochem Group pursued their development elsewhere, but he chose to stay at Sinochem Group and be dedicated to it. When the crude oil team under his leadership has created one after another performance legend in the last 13 years, his hard work for day and night in the last 13 years has been his interpretation of loyalty and love with his fortitude: Loyalty is wordless, and love is soundless.
General Manager of the Legal Department of Sinochem Corporation—Yu Lemin
He has no submission to authorities, no dependence on books and only beliefs in facts. He excels in his major and dares to speak bluntly. When participating in significant decision making, he is adept in analyzing risks from a legal perspective and putting forward valuable opinions to ensure independence of legal supervision. He makes nothing of hardships and overcomes jetlags in foreign countries over negotiations with foreign parties to defend legitimate rights and benefits of the enterprise.
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and concurrently CEO of Far East Horizon—Kong Fanxing
A decade ago, 11 people with dreams came to Shanghai Bund under his leadership and started their entrepreneur there, while nowadays, this team has more than 1,500 members. Higher goals, newer developments and everlasting entrepreneurial passions have been the keynote for his advancement, and keeping creating values has been the true quality of his life. With nearly one million’s profits per capita in 2011, people of Far East Horizon are advancing triumphantly on the new journey of “Gather Global Resources, Share China’s Promotion” under his leadership.
Executive Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd.—Wang Zongshang
More than ten years ago, he was a pioneer for oil storage; seven years ago, he became a pioneer of the Quanzhou Petrochemical refinery. Despite the difficulties in starting an undertaking, he is dedicated to his cause without any regret. When his mother fell ill, he was too busy to take care of her; when his wife and child faced hard times, he could not accompany them; when he suffered from femoral head necrosis, he travelled with crutches for the project. With dreams and passions, the “seed” of the refinery and chemical dream held by several generations of Sinochem people finally broke through the soil and sprouted up in his heartfelt care.
General Manager of Beijing Eastern Garden International Conference Center—Shi Jianbo
After graduation as a history major from a normal university, he once worked in the headquarters of Sinochem Group and a listed company, governed a county as magistrate and assumed Vice President of Sinochem Jiangsu. Such rich experience has brought him profound deposit. Since 2007, he has been answering with his team such a question: With extremely limited resources and very fierce competition, how to refresh performance every year? His post is his “home”, which turns out to be the most brilliant window and business card of Sinochem Group.
Deputy Director of Sinochem Oil Center—Wang Nengquan
He is a business card for Sinochem Group in China’s petroleum field; he is an expert in the national energy field; and he is an envoy connecting Sinochem Group and national energy development. The scholar’s exploration may take a broad view of the world, while the scholar’s feelings are simply concentrated on the petroleum industry with an aspiration of strengthening Sinochem Group.
Director of the Sinochem Fertilizer—Feng Zhibin
In Xi’an, Taicang and Hangzhou, his footprints also left shining marks for growth and expansion of Sinochem Group’s fluorine chemical business. Never flinch before difficulties and brave difficulties at critical moments. He dares to assume responsibilities with great bravery and always holds tender feelings towards the great cause of the group. Such tender feelings turn out to be meaningful in exercising management of employees and share weal and woe with them, and such bravery is leading people to overcome all obstacles and march forward on the journey of opening up new chapter for the agricultural module of Sinochem Group.
Deputy General Manager and concurrently CFO of Sinochem International—Qin Hengde
He is a diligent person devoted wholeheartedly to work and an expert leader in a rigorous style. As a leading figure in Sinochem International’s investment, merger and acquisition and financial management, he has organized and participated in a series of significant merger projects, innovated asset operation and capital operation modes and improved the company’s performance management, playing a critical role in strategic transformation of Sinochem International.
General Manager of Emerald Colombia Company—Cui Jianjun
Arduous pioneering is the only choice for the development of Sinochem Group’s great cause, and achievement of the cause necessitates dedication of time by one after another generation of Sinochem people. He stands the ground for Sinochem’s resources, and for days and nights of oversea oil and gas resource project management, there is neither comfortable environment nor urban noises. A young heart is beating at the frontline of the company’s strategic promotion all the time and fighting bravely at the forefront of exploration project expansion.
Vice President of Sinochem Group and Director of Sinochem Oil Center—Zhang Zhiyin
From government to enterprise and from seeds to petroleum, he is brave in assuming responsibilities no matter how large the professional span is. What has changed is innovative thinking and the state of mind pursuing achievements and what has not changed is a serviceman’s bold and upright quality and a leader’s awareness of overall situations. He takes the bother to go around and racked his brains for everything concerned with the company, only thinking of doing his service for Sinochem Group.