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Chairman Frank Ning Attended the Fourth Online Plenary Meeting of ABAC

Date:2020-11-24 Source:Sinochem Group

On November 17, 2020, as Chair of the Sustainable Development Working Group of APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group, attended the Fourth ABAC Online Plenary Meeting in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. This meeting summarized brilliant achievements of Sustainable Development Working Group for 2020 and defined work priorities for 2021. More than 60 ABAC representatives, 100 candidates and entourages from 21 Asia-Pacific economies attended.

As commented by Mr. Frank Ning in his speech, in 2020, ABAC Sustainable Development Working Group harvested work fruits in a pragmatic and efficient manner, and mainly spared no effort for three top priorities (promoting energy security and sustainable development; tackling climate change and promoting circular economy; facilitating food security and smart agriculture). The policy recommendations, which had been reviewed and approved, were included in Letter of ABAC Representatives to Leaders of APEC Economies and Letter of ABAC to Ministers of Agriculture of APEC Economies. It is worth mentioning that ABAC Sustainable Development Working Group promptly conducted a special research on response to the pandemic, put forward targeted and feasible policy recommendations and recovery pathway recommendations to Asia-Pacific economies, and gave full play to the important role of Asia-Pacific industrial and commercial circles in offering advice and suggestions. In this regard, President of ABAC spoke highly of policy recommendations and consensuses made by ABAC Sustainable Development Working Group led by Frank Ning on the basis of in-depth analysis for various issues, as well as its contributions to the overall work of ABAC.

According to the arrangements of APEC and New Zealand (the host country of ABAC) for 2021, Frank Ning will continuously serve as President of ABAC Sustainable Development Working Group. 

With respect to the plan of ABAC Sustainable Development Working Group for 2021, Mr. Frank Ning stressed that safeguarding energy and food security and addressing climate change, which are of fundamental significance to recovery and development of Asia-Pacific Region, has fully demonstrated the importance in the current response to COVID-19 pandemic. They are also crucial for inclusive growth and sustainable development in the “post-pandemic era”. Next, it is necessary to thorough learn the lessons of the pandemic, make progress in collaboration and cooperation with more intensive efforts, and take long-term visions and pragmatic measures to rise to the future challenges. According to Frank Ning, taking into account current situations, challenges and common concerns of all parties concerned in the sustainable development of Asia-Pacific Region, throughout 2021, ABAC Sustainable Development Working Group will further focus on leadership in the field of climate change, renewable energy and food system, incorporate climate change into design of relevant policies dedicated to economic recovery in the “post-pandemic era”, draw a roadmap for the transformation geared to renewable energy, and build a trade-friendly food system underpinned by digitalization.