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Sticking to my post on the Eve of Spring Festival

Date:2011-03-17 Source:Sinofert

Tang Chuanjun

The Spring Festival’s Eve is a night of family reunion. According to the Chinese tradition, after a year of hard work, all people rise above every difficulty and make a long journey to sit around with close relatives on this day, share the New Year’s Eve dinner with love, watch the essential New Year prorgam, Spring Festival Gala, and set off firecrackers to welcome the New Year……but these lively scenses of the past year exist only in my mind this year--- I spent the Spring Festival’s Eve at my post this year.

As a production scheduler of the company, I work in three shifts, so the concept of holidays is vogue for us sometimes, and recently we joked, “ you take or not take the holiday, the shifts are just there, and will not change.” Yes, work comes first, duty comes first.

On this Eve of Spring Festival, I will say goodbye to the old year, and to welcome the new at my post.

16:15, the regular bus arrived at the company as usual, different is that, the company’s leadership came to welcome the technology workgroups of our four shops, Mr. Liu, General Manager of the company, on behalf of the management team, expressed appreciation to us, who stuck to the post on the Eve of Spring Festival. He said, a family spending the Spring Festival together means two types of family, the one is the traditional small family, the other is a big family like us……the atmosphere was very warm, the leader’s words warmed the hearts of us all. Yes, Sinochem Shandong Chemical Fertilizer is like a family, and all colleagues are like brothers and sisters, we spend the Spring Festival together! With gifts like apples and milk given by the company, we went to our posts and began the familiar and unique work.

16:45, after taking over the post, I checked the production status recorded on the work scheduling log first, and listened to reports of group leaders from all shops about the production respectively, and the situation I got was that the production status of all shops are stable and all staff members have reported to work.

17:00, starting to hand out New Year’s Eve dinner tickets to all workers in shops.

17:15, it was dinner time. We came to the dining room and found happily that the dinner wa very good: salted duck, roast chicken, prawn--standing in long lines, watching staff of the dining room working busy, and saying happy new year with smile when handing out meals to us, I was deeply moved, they are the same like we technology staffs, and also stuck to their post working hard.

18:00, the routine inspection started. At first I came to the production site of the ammonization shop, they are producting 16-16-16 CI-based fertilizer. The production of this kind production is very difficult, but what I saw in the pacakaging line was the smooth finished products, good grain size, stable ourput of 12 tons per hour. I asked workers on the production line how did they feel to work on the Spring Festival’s Eve, a colleague said: “ no special feelings, if we do not work, others will have to. Besides, we can also set off firecrackers after work to welcome the new year, and we can see the repeat of the Spring Festival Gala tomorrow morning!” These simple words shows the spirit of holding fast to the duty!

Then I came to the tank field, which is the significant risk source of the company, the concentration of sculfuric acid is 97.1%, and there will be no problem under the temperature of -6 to -7℃. In the melting shop, because of the lack of shop staff, in addition to the feeding work of their own shop, each group had to deploy staff to transport 50 tons of raw materials to spraying shop. Theit work intensity increased, but they had no complaint, which is very admiring. The most proud is that, all staff of the shop maintained a very high security awareness and professional dedication.

21:00, the routine inspection was over, I returned to the control room, then there came the sound of firecrackers continously, I feeled like the atmosphere of Spring Festival was brough in the room by the smell of firecrackers.

21:25, finished products indexes of the day shift came out, indexes of all shiops were qualified and distributed rationally. After notifying the shops and company leaders respectively, I also got a little free time.

23:30, production volumes of all shops came out one by one, and it came our that all shops completed the scheduled production volumes. All work in the Year of Tiger in 2010 ended finally before the clock struck zero.

0:05 we were of work. There was a warm atmosphere in the regular bus, colleagues gave New Year’s greetings to each other, and talking happily. The sound of firecrackers went up again and again, the gorgeous fireworks also blossomed in the sky, the streets were all decorated with lanterns and festoons, the street lights also seemmed brighter. What a wodnerful New Year atmosphere!

This is how I , an ordinary worker spend an unforgettable Spring Festival’s Eve, I believe that there are a lot of people like me in Sinochem sticking to their posts in this evening. We are not that great, we just do our own job, but I feel very proud to be a member of this big family.

The New Year clock has belled, the sun does not rise jet, we will welcome a bright new spring soon, I wish our country every prosperity, our Sinochem to create new splendor, and us have a happy home life!