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Land of Opportunities

Date:2011-09-15 Source:Sinochem International

By Ravi Kumar

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.——Karen Ravn
This is the most precise explanation of my feelings while working for Sinochem International.  An MNC thrives on the dreams of its dedicated people and an optimistic working environment. I have cherished both of them. Working environment as in the sense that the importance given to the job role has been exemplary which kept me motivated to move on and on. Dream as in we have crossed many milestones which any start-up company would dream of. Having said that, it also signifies the enormous scope we get in dreaming of a better and brighter future.

Few things which has been playing quite important role in keeping me motivated to work and dream needs unequivocal citing and they are Perseverance, Transparency and Team.

The simple urge to beat established companies and to secure our own standing as a big MNC has been an example of great motivation not only for employee like us within the company but also for people closely observing us outside the company. We are a new comer in this industry as an MNC and we faced all the small and big challenges but in spite of giving up we kept trying new things and maintain our stride towards a promising future. The glory is not, in never falling but, in rising every time we fall. This grit to be No. 1 in certain horizons has been an inspiring element for me and gives me a feeling that we can do.

The way we have been interacting with people up the ladder and down the line is also an example of great transparency. The Management Team has been sharing all the details with great transparency and the real picture has enabled us to prepare better and to cope up well. Probably this is reason that we have been moving towards a habit of being proactive and better planning with high effectiveness level of implementation. With a clarity of vision and clarity of resources to achieve the vision, the path becomes more accessible. Not to mention it generates high level of respect for the Management Team on account of the pellucidity.

Any Company is just a ‘Company of People’. No matter what products company has, what processes company has, if company has the right people in right place, it can do miracles. Fortunately we have got an opportunity to work with remarkably good people and hence a good team. There are people who are experts and are yet good friends first. There are people who are very high officials and are yet good friends first. There are people who don’t know each other by name and work within the company and they too are good friends first. Probably Sinochem is one of the MNC where professionalism is perfectly blended with personal touch and hence the comfort zone for efficient performance is seldom missing. Having so many good friends around, you tend to develop a confidence level and the working environment becomes truly charming. There are people to guide, to inspire and above all people to make you feel homely. With such a Team in place, the company by design becomes a company a work with. This makes you forget the problems and motivates to work on the solution because you have people around who can help you in solution approach working.

The few amazing things mentioned so far don’t limit the other numerous factors which have been making our stay more meaningful and interesting. At the same time this also doesn’t undermines the complication we have owing to the nature of our business and are present by design with MNCs like us. We have learnt a lot here in last few years and still have huge scope to learn further from our mistakes and process related hiccups. The silver lining is here is the scope of improvement in our business acumen leading to a high growth rate not only in terms of revenues but also in terms of confidence of stakeholders, confidence of farming community and confidence of our customers inside and outside the company. The key is to keep the urge to grow as a good company from all possible perspective.

I represent not only a lot of employee but also a lot of internal customer for Sinochem and my feeling and responses do represent the same more or less for the whole lot. For me the journey so far has been a quite interesting and full of learning’s and confidence building exercises. This lot feels more Accountable, Responsible, Secure and Contributing. There is a huge room for learning and growth for young lots with lots of opportunities on every corner of our journey with this company.

We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.

I am proud to be a part of Sinochem - Land of Opportunities.