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A Date With Sinochem International, A Journey With Sinochem International

Date:2011-09-22 Source:Sinochem International

By Chen Huan

I would like to begin my speech with a memory in my mind. I remember, on the very welcome ceremony for us new comers, the general manager of our chemical department, Doctor Qu Jianbo said to me, from now on, you will be on a journey between who you think you are and who you can be. The key is to allow yourself to continue the journey in the ocean of the knowledge and, more importantly, to make full use of them in the afterward work. After these words, he turned to my direct manger, Mr. Hongbo, during you leading and instructing for Chen Huan, you should try to make his work in Sinochem likes his further study as a doctoral candidate.

Looking back to my past one year in Sinochem, there are so many outstanding characters of Sinochem, that impress me so much, such as the perfect risk management, advanced process management and  excellent lean operation system, but for me, the most impressing, inspiring and encouraging is her continuous learning atmosphere and opportunity, which is so vital for someone like me with rather solid chemical background but little working experience.

And I learn a lot from books: I know the basic rules of international economy and trade, the knowledge of futures investment, the method of making a business deal. Well, no offense to those books, I do realize that personal experience through practice means more to me. Even if we know some rules, some regulations, or experiences, no matter from our study at university or after joining the company, we still cannot simply graft it onto today`s busier, more impersonal, complicated world. From the practical work here, I learned from Manager Qujianbo and Hongbo and other colleges, gradually I learned how to effectively communicate with our customers, how to efficiently accomplish a business, how to defend our interests in the international trade dispute, how to discover the rules lies behind the market behavior. And I will continue this journey of working with sustainable learning.

As we are in this global information age where both economic growth and individual opportunity are based on ideas, a commitment to providing all human beings the golden opportunity to develop themselves is so vital, not only to the people here, but all around. As we are in this transformational age where communications and commerce are global, investments are mobile, technology is almost magical, and the ambition for a better life is now universal. I think we are so lucky to work here in Sinochem at this great time. Never before have Sinochem enjoyed so much prosperity and so much progress. And never before have our young people had so much great opportunity to practice ourselves and, therefore, have a profound obligation to build a more perfect company. And I think Sinochem had provided us young people with tools and conditions to build the future of our dreams. Just cherish the opportunity and just do it!