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It’s Only a Beginning

Date:2012-04-26 Source:Sinochem International

By Ravi Kumar

Gettin' good players is easy. Gettin' 'em to play together is the hard part.

Few words of wisdom unfurl huge horizon for discussion and never ending process of development process. Globalization- That’s the buzz word in the latest developed image for the so called ‘Global Village’ where resources are unlimited, Opportunities are boundless and responsibilities are never ending. The perfect stage all set for Sinochem as well, to contribute to the Global Resource & Responsibility sharing. The perfect stage set for the Global Talent Pool under one umbrella of Team called Sinochem, sharing the uniqueness of capabilities, commonness of Vision and Unity in Diversity.

The first unique step by Sinochem to bring together the difference of culture under one roof and blending them well in next one week Meeting called Cross Cultural Team Meeting. I would personally not call it a training as it was in no sense a training. No stereotypical Class room studies, no strikingly sophisticated presentation, no unidirectional approach and the freedom to play, so on and so forth. Every day was a unique day, bringing more and more surprises and closing silently with pegging up the expectation from the next day.

Perhaps the 1st time wherein the detailed information of Sinochem Group in General and Sinochem International in particular was shared with all without any tailor made and skewed adjustment. The clarity of vision of the Group is worth mentioning. Special credit to the speakers who gave beautiful introductions on Day 1 for our company, who made the company known well to us and vice versa. What was important was, not there knowledge level about the company, not important was the suave manner in which they presented the whole picture, but important was there effort to invite and answer the bold and blunt questions from new comers of the Sinochem family, making all understood that Sinochem is now ready for the big leap towards a true MNC, which not only understands the difference of opinion but also cares for their understanding of cultural difference and is ready for do whatever required to blend it well.

The following days like Team Building exercise of ‘Great wall Of China’ and Game –come- Cross Cultural discussion in successive days reiterated the attempts that we all need to take to understand ourselves better. The Games and analysis were pointing towards one common aim of putting the things in right perspective, that nothing is right and nothing is wrong if we share a sensible understanding of each other. Perhaps many of us have different ways of conceptualizing the whole event, perhaps many of us will work upon many small things shared in the whole event and perhaps many of us will develop into different identity when we meet next time, but what we all will share in common is- We know more individuals to communicate with, more individuals to work with and above all more individuals to rely upon, and that too without any barrier of language and culture. We know more people who were earlier a forgotten coworkers sitting in distant part of globe but now a much known friends for ever. Perhaps we have become more close to what we call TEAM. Hope this is just a beginning coz Sinochem (We all) has a long way to go and this is a good start, a small stride to a big Leap.

Finding each other is the beginning, staying together is the process, Working together is the success.