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Persevering for Dreams

Date:2012-07-27 Source:Sinochem Shanghai

By Lin Wen

When I first joined Sinochem Shanghai, the Registration Department was still a small department under the Agrochemical Division with only five members. After one and a half years, the Registration Department has become a team with twelve members now, but its development is not only a process of quantitative changes.

Change from a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

The changes from utterly ignorance of work contents upon entry into the department to current experienced preparation of all materials, and from difficulties in business follow-up at the very beginning to current independent charge of registration projects, represent the growth process each registrar has to go through. And only we know for how many days we have worked overtime and how many efforts we have made behind the two summative sentences. It is bits of growth of each of us that bring about change of the department.

In 2011, the Registration Department realized the transformation from providing the support for business clients in a passive manner to initiatively opening up the market for business by undertaking the company’s two strategic tracks of product registration and international market product portfolios. In the year, the department launched 37 independent registration projects in Brazil, Argentina and Australia with 8 submitted in the year, and supported submission of 182 registration projects of clients with 100 obtaining certification, completing 167% of the reference quantity and outperforming its plan. Also in the year, the department formulated product portfolio plans, especially the product portfolio plans for Argentina, Brazil and Australia.

Registration is not just to follow stereotyping procedures, as we have to keep learning and making progress to cope with changing and fierce competition on the international market. There are always lots of things for us to study and inspire us to constantly surpass ourselves, such as regulations and policies of different countries, standards and criteria of various world organizations, requirements and methods for preparation of all relevant materials, and functions and uses of different products, just as we often joke that “Registration is a road never end.” It is also the work of registration that enables us to truly understand what “Life is limited while knowledge is unlimited” means.

Registration is a long process that needs perseverance, as our efforts and diligence will not be returned immediately, which usually takes three or five months or even as long as three or five years. All kinds of difficulties have tempered persistent and dauntless fortitude and courage of the department.

Our Team, Our Home

If we are asked to describe our Registration Department with one sentence, it is that you never fight alone!

When one passes the office of the Registration Department, he or she often hears people discuss something energetically. The discussion can be about new regulations of some country, new policies of some organization, high quality requirements on reports of some laboratory, or new products of some factory. It seems that the registration is a topic that never lacks of contents, and it is also the common objective of registration that binds us together.

The power of one person is limited and the knowledge one could learn is also limited. However in actual work, difficulties and troubles always emerge one after another and make us at a loss. In spite of this, we never fear difficulties and troubles, as the large family of the Registration Department is always there offering us steadfast support. Every time we come across problems, we will discuss together to find solutions; every time we make new breakthroughs, we will share our joys together. We share pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy in life, as well as sweets and bitters in work. We get the joy of every member multiplied by 12, the trouble of every member divided by 12 and the power and knowledge of every member raised to the twelfth power, which indicate unlimited possibilities and hopes.

In the large warm family of the Registration Department, we not only cheer for joys together but also pull together in times of trouble.

Inflaming Dreams with Young Hearts

For the Registration Department, 2011 was a year of transformation and 2012 will be a year to create dreams.

We all have a dream of becoming a professional registrar and global registration regulation expert proficient in laws and regulations and registration procedures of various countries and capable of participating in and influencing formulation of future laws and regulations, to contribute to agricultural production and ecological safety as a registrar. And the dream of our Registration Department is to lead Sinochem Group to be the most powerful agrochemical company in the international community, register products of Sinochem Group all around the world, develop Sinochem Group to be one of the companies with the strongest registration capability and make registration of Sinochem Group a benchmark for registration of Chinese pesticide enterprises, for which we have been working hard.

Although we just took the first step and there is still a long way ahead, to speak out our dreams that deserve realization but may be laughed at can inspire us to keep going forward. Our team is young and driving; our team may lack of experience, but this can be made up by our passions and aspiration for registration. We will carry forward our cause and make progress together and proudly on the road toward dreams.