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It’s Good to be Happy

Date:2012-11-09 Source:Sinochem Int'l

By Ravi Kumar

Life is sometimes very interesting, sometimes enthralling, sometimes challenging and sometimes equally rewarding. It’s the way we look at life which decides the way we lead our lives. We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. Hence the reason of being happy remains inside us. Having known this we have all the rights to live every day to its fullest. In words of one time famous novelist Oscar Wilde,‘To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.’

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth.”
So what keeps us sometimes away from keeping ourselves happy? Everyone knows the answer, as they have one or more reasons of their own- sometimes short term & sometimes long term, sometimes natural & sometimes man made & sometimes self made, sometimes very week to overcome & sometime very strong to engulf us, so on and so forth. If we analyze deeper, most of them are linked with something on which we don’t have control. Let me put it differently- What was the happiest moment of your life and what was the saddest moment of life? The language of the answer and few words may vary but the crux will be same. Someone else makes us happy and sad. The big question is- Is it right? Don’t we have the right to be happy because we want to be happy on our own?

Sometimes the questions are complicated, but answers are simple. Here also the answer is known to all of us, yes we do have. For once, the one way we can work upon to keep ourselves happy is when we keep others happy. In this way we have control on our life as it’s very easy to keep people around us happy. It doesn’t need lots of efforts, believe me. A small friendly look, a big smile, a small helping hand, a big hug, a small gesture of being at his side in need, a big heart for his bad times, and the list continues. There is no end to this list as everyone has been gifted with lots of qualities to keep people around themselves happy and loveable. And believe me it’s very easy. It’s just the way we keep ourselves so much indulged in live that we forget to live. For a moment, pause and look around, there are many who love you and you also love them, but haven’t expressed it for long. There are many who want to help you and you can help them, but haven’t done for long. There are many who are very happy about you and so you do but haven’t celebrated for long. So what’s holding us back? If not done so far, let’s do it today.

This same essence of keeping ourselves happy actually is experienced in our day to day personal and profession life. Our Team, their output depends on the input given to them. If the input is happiness, the output is bound to keep all happy. What we need to realize is all is one and one is all. What sets us apart from everyone else is our ability to recognize that we are nothing without everyone else. A Happy team has many indirect advantages besides its direct influence on our business numbers and business cultures. The most important of them is, it keep you happy. I came across the most recent and lively example of this when we were sharing a message with our ‘Sinochem Phillipines Team’ through video conferencing. It was just a matter of two minutes that we gave a message to the team. The message was also very simple. We were showing the happiness that we share for successful 3 years and wishing them a good luck for the 4th year. We felt like sharing of this happiness has actually made us happier than Phillipines itself and for the rest of the day I found everyone very happy. Doesn’t it prove that if you keep other happy, you unknowingly open the doors of happiness for yourself?  Well, this can be one small example, but isn’t it true even within our personal lives. At least for few bunches of people, yes it is.

I don’t know whether my colleagues in Phillipines and others associated with that message know this, but if not I want them to know, that we are happy because they are so. And I want to thank them for bringing back this important message back to surface, which somehow had been left behind in the self made race of life.

Love you all for being happy about the fact that you are making others happy.