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Love & Hope

Date:2013-05-08 Source:Sinochem Int'l

By Ravi Kumar

It’s always nice to be happy…

It’s always nice to be together…

It’s always nice to remember….

It’s always nice to be remembered.

It’s the 5th year of being a small yet fun loving droplet in the ocean of what we call ‘Sinochem Family’. I take the pride in being a part of it and consistently being loved and cared by one and all. It’s interesting to see new faces getting added in the club near you, yet all giving the feeling as if they are known since long. You don’t know them by name, still exchange the smile, thinking about the last interaction, which might have happened or might not. You congratulate them for sharing the feeling of being a part of winning team, yet don’t know which game they are part of. You bid them farewell with light hearts, yet you don’t know when you are going to meet again. But you know distance doesn’t matters. The days will become months and months will become a whole year and will get one more chance to smile at each other, congratulate each other and again sing the farewell song. New friends will jump in and so you again have few new faces but same love and compassion.

Perhaps this is what we call Team Culture, precisely International Team Culture. 

All these years have been special for me and my team. I have personally felt this culture evolving within and without which has touched us many times. We have seen people’s feeling getting evolved, we have seen people’s word getting evolved and we have seen people’s action getting evolved. When I say this, I mean this and it was very much obvious with the recent incident during the Conference Night Award Distribution ceremony when our respected Chairman awarded us with Best Marketing Team. He was actually talking to me and not only his words but his smile and face were also giving me a feeling that ‘Hey you have done something special and we acknowledge that’. This is what I mean when I say feeling, word and action. That moment was one of the best in my entire career and would love to remember it again and again.

These are few feeling which you love to share and cherish as long as possible. These are moments which give you the confidence of being a better person next day and a better employee next event. These are the moments which reiterates the feeling that you are no longer a part of small group of people working thousand miles away, that you are no longer competing in the local arena, that you are no longer a local boy. These moments tell you that you have more confidence, bringing you more responsibility,more accountability and hence you are now watched in a bigger pool and that now you are a part of International team and a much bigger action game. That’s what makes you the part of a multination team and that’s what implants the multinational culture in you. The cultures to compete globally, strive globally, win globally and share globally. Thanks for this beautiful feeling on that beautiful night. Also thanks for the love and hope to be so in future.

This year’s Annual Conference Event will be dedicated to the feeling of Love and Hope from my end. The love which keeps all of us close, associated and thinking about ourselves and our times spent together. The love that reminds us that someone is there who is really close to you and is an integral part of your team. The love, that inspires you to be, a closer friend when you meet tomorrow.  The hope, of meeting next year, with a far bigger success and far better accolades. The hope of being more confident next year and the happiness of being a better person when we meet next time.