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Vice Presidnet Mr. Jiang Zhenghong Met with Mr. Ni Jian, Chinese Ambassador to UAE

Date:2017-11-17 Source:Sinochem Energy

On November 12, Mr. Jiang Zhenghong, Vice President of Sinochem Group and President of  Energy Business met with Mr. Ni Jian, Ambassador of China to UAE.

During the meeting, Mr. Jiang gave a profile picture of Sinochem’s development. He noted that, Sinochem Group places great emphasis on exploring UAE market and is intending to enhance partnership with UAE in talent and technology exchange in the energy sector as an effort to contribute to the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

Ambassador Ni Jian briefed UAE’s national situation and China-UAE’s partnership. He stated that, China-UAE’s cooperation in recent years was fruitful. He hoped to explore in-depth potential of further collaboration and active participation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. To this end, Chinese Embassy in UAE would like to offer necessary support and assistance to Sinochem.