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Sinochem SBU of Agriculture’s First MAP Service Center Found Home in Anhui Province

Date:2017-12-04 Source:Sinochem Agri SBU

On November 29, the unveiling ceremony of Sinochem Agriculture MAP (Modern Agricultural Platform) Service Center was held in Lujiang County, Anhui Province.

Mr. Qin Hengde, President of Sinochem Group SBU of Agriculture, noted said that the MAP Service Center will not only provide technical support for Sinochem Agriculture’s MAP Demonstration Farm, but can also provide modern and comprehensive solutions to surrounding cooperatives, large growers and farmers from plantation to marketing, running both online and offline, featuring the "7 + 2" function: soil testing, variety planning, formulated fertilizing, custom dispensing, farmer training, smart farming, farm machinery services and agricultural finance and farm produce warehousing sales services.

The MAP Service Center attracted nearly 100 national scale growers and partners who have expressed interest in cooperation.

In May, Sinochem Agriculture proposed to build MAP model. This model will promote the rapid formation of technical service capability and system, enabling Sinochem Agriculture to change its traditional mode of relying solely on channel distribution of products, grasp the core target customer group of the fast-growing scale growers, transform to the business mode of technical service channels and "solution + product package". MAP strategy is a brand new, customer-oriented, Internet thinking strategy. In the future, Sinochem Agriculture will propel the MAP model following the principle of "Steadily Piloting and Quickly Copying".