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Sinochem Fluorine Chemical Technology Achievements Won the Second Prize of the National Award for Technological Invention

Date:2018-01-15 Source:Sinochem Lantian

At the National Conference for Science and Technology Awards held on January 8, Sinochem Group was awarded the second prize of the National Award for Technological Invention as the first unit to have completed the organic chemical project of "Manufacture of Fluorocyclopentane for Sustainable Society."

This project is of great importance to protecting the atmospheric ozone layer and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Sinochem's project team has taken the lead in screening the five-membered ring fluorine-containing compound as a new generation HCFC substitute. This successful effort was endeavored towards the two major global challenges: "choosing a non-ozone-depleting, lower-greenhouse effect, safe and efficient HCFC substitute" and "developing a manufacturing technology of high industrial application value." In addition, Sinochem has also successfully developed a manufacturing technology with core independent intellectual property rights and has created the world's first industrialized production line. This scientific and technological achievement has been widely used in the fields of refrigeration, etching and cleaning, bringing an annual reduction of 600 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. The social and economic benefits are considerable.