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Sinochem Agriculture Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreements with Agricultural Machinery Companies

Date:2018-04-27 Source:SBU of Agriculture

Recently, SBU of Agriculture (Sinochem Agriculture) signed strategic cooperation agreements with well-known agro-machinery companies at home and abroad including Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Maschio Group. This was an event signaling that Sinochem Agriculture’s MAP strategy would be injected with a new power: integrated agro-machinery and agronomy. 

On April 18, Sinochem Agriculture signed an agreement with Lovol Heavy Industry, a leading domestic agricultural equipment company. On April 20, Sinochem Agriculture signed an agreement with an Italian agricultural machinery company Maschio Group. According to these agreements, Sinochem’s agricultural and agro-machinery enterprises will give full play to their professional capabilities and resource advantages in agriculture, collaborate with these partners in areas such as agro-machinery and agronomy integration, demonstration farm building, smart agriculture, etc. The collaboration include providing customized, fully mechanized product portfolio and technical support to new agricultural business entities, and researching and developing agro-machinery products compatible with Sinochem's smart agricultural system.

Mr. Qin Hengde, President of SBU of Agriculture, used a metaphor to describe the collaboration between the two sides: Sinochem as the “agricultural doctor” provides modern agricultural planting technology solutions, and the "prescription" will ultimately rely on agricultural machinery to be "implemented."

Mr. Qin Hengde noted that China's agricultural production is regionally distributed; so with this feature, agronomy and agro-machinery should be fully integrated according to the development characteristics of different regions, customizing R&D that suits local agronomic characteristics on one hand and meeting the needs of modern agro-machinery solutions on the other. In the process of promoting transformation of modern agriculture, Sinochem Agriculture was in great need of collaboration with outstanding agro-machinery companies. Aiming at the actual situation in China, Sinochem would endeavor to integrate agro-machinery and agronomy, raise the level of agro-technology, reduce input costs and increase efficiency, telling farmers that advanced agro-machinery could improve economic benefits of their land.