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Sinochem Group and Huawei Cooperate in Digital Field

Date:2018-05-11 Source:Sinochem Group

On May 10, Sinochem Group and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing. According to the agreement, the two parties would carry out business cooperation and joint innovation in the fields of energy chemical engineering Internet, smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart agriculture, financial technology, and intelligent finance. Sinochem Group will apply Huawei's advanced ICT technology to promote its digital transformation.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement marked the beginning of a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the field of digitalization. Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group, President Zhang Wei, and Huawei's Rotating President Hu Houkun attended the signing ceremony.

Frank Ning stated that: "With the rapid development of information and communication technologies, the spillover effects of informatization, digitization, and intelligence have become increasingly apparent. Integration with traditional industries has also become increasingly closer, and more traditional enterprises have become the main force of digital transformation. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for the traditional industry. Sinochem Group values highly digital transformation and hopes to cooperate with Huawei on a comprehensive and open platform to conduct problem-oriented analysis, research and innovation, share each other’s successful experiences to promote the digital transformation process of the entire industry.”

Hu Houkun said: “We are entering a new era that everything perceives, everything connects and everything is smart. Our ability to innovate will determine where company will go in the future. ICT technology will become an enabler for the smart world. Huawei will continue its customer needs oriented innovation efforts and will jointly innovate with various business segments of Sinochem Group based on the ICT technology and R&D advantage to forge smart solutions, enable digital transformation of Sinochem Group, and build a smart world together.”

Sinochem Group follows the core value of "In Science We Trust" and is transforming itself into an innovation platform company that is driven by science and technology in a comprehensive manner and through deepening reforms. Sinochem Group and Huawei are both leading companies in their respective industries and have extensive cooperation space in corporate digital transformation. The establishment of this strategic partnership will help both parties further substantialize resource sharing and form a cooperation scenario that features mutual support and coordinated development. The two sides will give full play to each other's professional advantages and provide more convenient, efficient and diversified services to end customers in their respective fields, promote product and service innovation to achieve a mutual benefit and win-win result.