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Sinochem Successfully Developed Innovative Seed Coating Agent Tengshou

Date:2018-05-04 Source:SBU of Chemicals

On April 24, Sinochem International Crop Care Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinochem International Crop Care), a subsidiary under SBU of Chemicals, held a meeting to launch a seed coating agent named Tengshou in Luohe City, Henan Province. During the last 8 years, after experiencing countless screening of formula portfolios and field demonstrations in various regions, Tengshou, an innovative seed coating agent developed independently by a Chinese company, finally hit the market officially.

Seed coating agent as an agrochemical product can prevent and control crop diseases and pests, regulate crop growth from the root of the seed. It protects and secures a healthy growth of crops. In recent years, security risks of crop seed have become more and more prominent. For example, the phytotoxicity accidents occurred during wheat and soybeans seed dressing will seriously inhibit crops to germinate and seedlings growth, and may even result in a disastrous total crop failure for the whole year. 



The Tengshou seed coating agent was jointly developed by SBU of Chemicals affiliated Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals Research and Development Co., Ltd. and Sinochem International Crop Care. It has patents on compound, ternary compound and film former. Tengshou is the only ternary compound seed coating agent product with the highest content of thiamethoxam which contains fenaminstrobin in the current Chinese market. In the 1990s, fenaminstrobin was born in Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry. Over the past ten years, the series of bactericidal products named AiKe developed based on this compound has been widely recognized by the plant care industry experts and farmers at home and abroad.

After the market-hitting event, guests came to demonstration planting field and witnessed the excellent effect of Tengshou in the control of wheat aphid and sheath blight, and regulation of growth. They all gave high appreciation to Tengshou and expressed their confidence and expectation for China's independent product creation.