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Sinochem Corp. Selected among the First Group of Enterprises of Optimized Financing Supervision on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Date:2018-08-02 Source:Sinochem Group

On July 23, the Shanghai Stock Exchange selected a group of companies with high market recognition, significant industry status, stable financial position and multiple bond financing practices in the bond market as issuers of optimized financing supervision. Sinochem Corporation was successfully selected into this group with its excellent performance, good financial status and active participation in the capital market.

The selected enterprises will receive relevant financing conveniences and preferential policies. For example, they can use unified declaration and shelf offering to declare such varieties of segments as general corporate bonds and green bonds, poverty alleviation bonds, exchangeable bonds and renewable bonds all in once. Specific issuance plan can be clarified at the pre-issuance filing stage. This adjustment simplifies related information disclosure procedure to improve the efficiency of issuance. In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange encourages the selected companies to innovate corporate bond issuing methods, maturities, interest rate determination and calculation methods, as well as credit enhancement methods. Enterprises can conduct exclusive and special issuance in accordance with their business needs.

This selection fully demonstrates that Sinochem Corporation’s business performance and innovation development have been greatly recognized by the capital market, and it also helps to enhance the company’s financing capacity and flexibility to better cope with financial market changes.