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Sinochem, the first enterprise enjoying preferential service provided by CECI

Date:2003-01-03 Source:Sinochem Group
On October18, China National Chemicals Import & Export Corporation and China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (a.k.a. Sinosure) held the signing ceremony of master policy agreement on export credit insurance. The agreement provides that all the export business of Sinochem requiring credit giving should be insured under the agreement. Sinosure will provide preferential services for Sinochem. This agreement will help to improve the risk management and promote the export of Sinochem.

The agreement also marks the implementation of the “preference service system for key enterprises and best customers” of Sinosure with the view of supporting large SOEs in developing international market. Sinochem is the first enterprise enjoying such high quality services.

Sinochem always takes strengthening risk control and management capacity as an important prerequisite for renovating operational methods and enhancing operational quality, and to cooperate with the insurance industry more closely is a major component of strengthening risk control by Sinochme. The master policy agreement between Sinochem and Sinosure will be of great reference value to the export renovation and effective control of export risks of Chinese enterprises.