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Date:2002-11-25 Source:Sinochem Group
The State Administration of Industry and Commerce certificates, “中化”, “SINOCHEM” and the Flask Badge of China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation as Famous Chinese Brands. It is the first time to certificate a Famous Chinese Brand of import and export agent services.

China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation (a.k.a. SINOCHEM), mainly engaged in the import and export and enterpot trade and domestic marketing, is one of China’s backbone SOCs. Since 1989 SINOCHEM has been listed among Fortune 500 for twelve times. In the latest list, SINOCHEM ranks 276th among the top 500 and 14th among foreign trade companies.

In recent years, “中化”, “SINOCHEM” and Flask Badge were usurped by a number of companies, some of which even register “SINOCHEM” as Chinese domain name and website, seriously interrupting the normal operation of SINOCHEM. The certification of “中化”, “SINOCHEM” and Flask Badge as famous brands greatly increases the intangible assets of the company. It functions as a legal instrument for the company to protect its own rights and interests.