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Sinochem President Liu Deshu Attended the Annual Meeting of IAM

Date:2003-03-13 Source:Sinochem Group
On February 10, Sinochem President Liu Deshu participated in the annual meeting of IAM held in Barcelona, Spain. The central theme of the meeting is corporate governance. At the meeting participants discussed “the relationship between investors and the management” and one of the forefathers of “corporate governance” research Sir Cadbury received the “IAM award”.

President Liu Deshu is one of the three Chinese participants. He exchanged ideas with other experts, introduced large Chinese state-owned enterprises to the participants and answered their questions.

IAM is an international academy established by the IESE Business School of Spain. Its members are scholars, experts and entrepreneurs who have made outstanding contributions to the sciences of economics and management. IAM holds annual meeting and other activities and conducts researches on major management issues.