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President Liu Deshu of Sinochem was admitted to the International Academy of Management

Date:2003-01-03 Source:Sinochem Group
The International Academy of Management sent a letter to president Liu Deshu, informing that Mr. Liu has been officially granted the membership of IAM with the unanimous approval of all the members.

In 1958, CIOS set up the IAM whose purpose is to provide an international forum for the exchange of management theories and practice so as to promote the development of management science and skills as well as the whole human society.

The IAM selects members from the most outstanding management personnel globally. At present it has 230 plus members in 40 counties. In addition to Mr. Liu, the other three members of the Chinese mainland include the Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC Jing Shuping, famous economist Wu Jinglian and Vice president of CEIBS Zhang Guohua.