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The Fertilizer Group Participating in the Fourth Trade Fair of Domestically-manufactured Phosphorus

Date:2003-12-19 Source:Sinochem Group
The Fourth Trade Fair of High Concentration Domestically-manufactured Phosphorus and Compound Fertilizer organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Supply and Sale Cooperative was held in Guangzhou, November 18-20, 2003. The Fertilizer Group sent delegations composed of Sinochem Kailin, Sinochem Zhisheng and Sinochem Orient.

During the fair the Fertilizer Group delegate made a speech titled as the Status Quo of the Fertilizer Production Investment and Development of Marketing Network of Sinochem Fertilizer Group and analyzed in detail the trends of production, import and sales of phosphorus and compound fertilizer. The Fertilizer Group took the opportunity to express its wish to cooperate with its domestic counterparts and participate in the reorganization of the phosphorus and compound fertilizer industry.

It is a major strategy of the Fertilizer Group to increase investment into the production of phosphorus and compound fertilizer and promote the nationalization of phosphorus and compound fertilizer resources with its domestic counterparts. In recent years, Sinochem has made investment in Sinochem Zhisheng, Sinochem Orient and Sinochem Kailin projects. In the future, the Fertilizer Group will continue to enhance investment in phosphorus and compound fertilizer centering on the five-year strategic development goal.