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Research Project on the International Competitiveness of Chinese Phosphate Industry Passes the Examination of Experts

Date:2005-01-14 Source:Sinochem Group
On December 24, 2004, the project of Assessment Research on the International Competitiveness of China's Phosphate Industry, which is lead by Professor Zhang Fusuo, Director of Sinochem Fertilizer-China Agricultural University R&D Center and Dean of the Resources and Environment School of China Agricultural University and participated in by the Sinochem Fertilizer-China Agricultural University R&D Center, passed the examination of the expert panel composed of members from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association and the Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation of the Ministry of Commerce.

According to the decision of the panel, the project follows the requirement of scientific and sustained development, boasts a clear research philosophy, sound technological route, complete data, reliable conclusion and crystal ideas and fulfills the task. Furthermore, innovation is made in the following areas: 1. it is the first time to set up the international competitiveness analysis method and comprehensive assessment index system for the phosphate industry which is links resources and farmers in China; 2. it is the first time to discuss the comparative and competitive advantages of Chinese phosphate industry in both the international and domestic markets from the perspective of the overall industrial chain; 3. it is the first time to analyze Chinese phosphate industrial value chain and elaborate the added value of various phosphate products and the trend of product mix; 4. the research proceeds from the strategic prospects, adopts scientific methods, makes system analysis, comes to practical conclusion, provides scientific reference for the national and business development decision making. It is among the best research of its kind in China.

The project is the second pilot on the international competitiveness of Chinese industry initialed by the Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation following the automobile project and the first national project hosted by the R&D Center since its establishment. The timely conclusion of the project adds to the future growth strengthen of the R&D Center.