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Sinochem Xingzhong Implement its First Bonded Oil Transshipment

Date:2006-04-05 Source:Sinochem Group
On Mar.28th, 34,000-ton class "Anchi" Oil Tank unloaded 19,000 tons of bonded fuel oil in Sinochem's Aoshan basement. That signified Sinochem Xingzhong's fulfillment of its 20685 tons of bonded oil's transshipment (Phase I).

Bonded oil's relocation transshipment is the maneuvering to transfer the bonded oil product from one custom jurisdiction to another custom jurisdiction. Due to the state's tight monitoring of bonded oil product, the relocation transshipment's procedure is extremely onerous and complicated. There was no precedent before that in China.

Sinochem Xingzhong's bonded oil transshipment is executed at the request of China Shipping Fuel Oil Company. China Shipping Fuel Oil Company first made an application to Zhoushan Custom of transshipment. Then they invited a specialized company SGS to conduct the volume gauge and quality accreditation. Then the oil tank designated by the custom carry the fuel oil to the destination and the cargo was sealed by the custom. When the cargo reached the destination, the local custom will check the seal and the list submitted by SGS. Finally, the fuel oil went into the oil storage tank.