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Sinochem International Eyes for Zero Pollution

Date:2006-04-24 Source:Sinochem Group
"Sinochem International's EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) work well illustrate its social responsibility and has established a good example for Hainan's local companies." Mr. Zhao Zhongshe, Party Secretary of Danzhou City, Hainan province said in the on spot meeting of Sinochem International's EHS work.

Hainan Province attaches great importance on environment protection, especially in Danzhou since the city is the heavy industry base. Two of Sinochem International's holding companies: Hainan Sinochem Anlian Rubber and Hainan Sinochem Success Rubber are both located in Danzhou. Hainan Sinochem Anlian Rubber is China's largest Natural Rubber production and processing plant. It applied advanced sewage water disposal method to realize the recycled water utilization. Hainan Sinochem Success Rubber is a typical garden-like rubber processing company. Its manufacturing process strictly follows EHS procedures.

The two companies in Hainan are just microcosm. Sinochem International is fully aware of the environmental risk and safety risk during its operation. The Board of Directors emphasizes EHS in every segment of its operation. Sinochem International takes "Zero Pollution, Zero Professional Illness, Zero Safety Accident" as its aim.

In Shanxi Province, Sinochem International's Sinochem Huanda Industry has acquired the advanced Thermal Recycling Technology only after USA's Sun Coke and Germany's Thyssen.

In Inner Mongolia, Sinochem Sanlian Chemical enhances the utilization of chlorine through product diversification method.

Sinochem International also bolsters its monitoring of the logistic supplier. It will stop its contract with the supplier immediately when it has noticed any environmental and safety problems of the supplier.