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Xi'an Environment Protection Chemical's HFC-125 Pilot Plant Had a Successful Trial Run

Date:2006-04-25 Source:Sinochem Group
On Apr.7th, Sinochem's holding company Xi'an Modern Environment Protection Chemical's 200-ton class HFC-125 had a successful trial run. The HFC-125 product's quality was excellent in terms of every technical parameter. At present the pilot plant is running at its full capacity.

HFC-125 is important substitute for ODS. It can be used for the purpose of refrigerant, blowing agent, propellant and antidote. HFC-125 is the major component of the compound which has been selected as the prior substitute for HCFC-22. It is widely used in refrigeration, air-conditioning etc. HFC-125 has the bright market prosperity.

HFC-125 is raw material is quite accessible and the manufacturing cost is comparatively low. HFC-125 is Xi'an Environment Protection Chemical's new technical breakthrough after HFC-134a and the company enjoys the leading role among its peers in China. Xi'an Environment Protection Chemical is currently China's largest HFC-134a production powerhouse and is accredited by the United Nation and State Environment Protection Bureau.