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Sinochem Zhisheng Chelated Fertilizer Is Welcomed

Date:2005-07-18 Source:Sinochem Group
"The tomato planted this year on a trial basis is very delicious and the output increases by 30%. All the tomato has been ordered, which should be attributed to using special fertilizer," said a vegetable grower in Yongan, Fujian who uses the chelated fertilizer for vegetables produced by Sinochem Fertilizer Company's subsidiary Sinochem Zhisheng Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

Sinochem Zhisheng works with the fertilizer research centers of Fuzhou University and the Agricultural University of China to test and study the characteristics of soil. They developed a series of chelated fertilizer and its configuration and applied for patents. Experiments show that the utilization rate of chelated fertilizer can rise by over 60%. As a result the production cost is cut considerably and the crops will become "stronger" with increasing anti-disaster and disease capacity.

Currently the company has developed more than 20 categories of high, medium and low concentration chelated fertilizer for rice, tea plant, eucalypt, bamboo shoot and lettuce. Its special fertilizer for palm trees is exported to Indonesia.