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Sinochem joined the 18th World Petroleum Convention and Exhibition for Oil and Natural Gas

Date:2005-11-03 Source:Sinochem Group
From sept.25th -29th, the 18th World Petroleum Convention and the 1st World Exhibition for Oil and Natural Gas were held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme of the convention is “Molding the future of the energy: the partner of sustainable development.” More than 4000 delegates from 65 members and 30 non-member nations of the World Petroleum Council attended the convention. Sinochem also dispatched the 12-member delegation head by the Vice President Li Hui.

During the conference, Sinochem's delegation met with more than 30 companies such as TOTAL, BP, Shell, Angola Natonal Oil Company, INA etc. and nearly 100 clients. In the afternoon of Sept.26th, Vice President Li Hui, as the delegates of Chinese Petroleum Senior Delegation headed by Chairman Wang Tao, attended the bilateral consultation with India Petroleum Senior Delegation headed by the Minister of Petroleum of India. In the morning of Sept.29th, the Convention held the special meeting taking China issues as its focus. More than 200 delegates attended this special meeting. Vice President Li Hui delivered the speech entitled “China’s current status of petroleum import and export; its regime change and the future trend.” The speech won the attendees' strong interest and acknowledgement.

By attending the convention and exhibition, Sinochem got more in-depth understanding of the world's oil and natural gas industry and its future development. It also expanded business communications and exchanges with domestic peers and enhanced Sinochem's global influence to the world petroleum industry.