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ChemSunny Plaza won “China Business Property International Paragon Award”

Date:2005-11-05 Source:Sinochem Group

On Oct 12th, on the 4th Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC)'s International Trade and Investment (City Construction) Exhibition, Chemsunny Plaza, which is co-invested and constructed by Hong Kong Rillfung (fully-owned by Sinochem) and Sino Ocean Real Estate (50% owned by Sinochem), featuring with its distinct designing idea and top quality, won the acknowledgment from the institutions and experts with authority and was honored "China Business Property International Paragon Award".

The 4th Pacific Economic Cooperation Council's International Trade and Investment Exhibition took "Humanity, Personality, Harmony, Modern City's Construction and Development" as its theme. With the background of 2008 Olympic Games, the Exhibition, with the participation of Asia Pacific and European Union countries, tried to display the excellent model of modern city's planning, designing and construction and the new technology, new idea and new project. The purpose for that was to accelerate China's urbanization process and enhance the overall level of China's urban construction.

In order to promote the co-development of the real estate sector and urban construction, the exhibition held the 21st century China Urban Construction Investment and Development Forum which was participated by many real estate entrepreneurs and financial experts. In the forum, Chemsunny Plaza is bestowed with this big award.

Chemsunny Plaza is the top Business-purposed building in Beijing's Chang'an Street. Since the initiation of construction, it earned high reputation and prominence. The "China Business Property International Paragon Award" was awarded by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Commence. It is a distinguished award and has only 10 laureates with very strict criterion.