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Sinochem International stands among “20 best Chinese listed companies”

Date:2005-11-23 Source:Sinochem Group

On Nov. 4th, on the annual meeting of "Corporate Competitiveness" held by China Business Post, the listing of "Most Competitive Chinese Listed Company" floated. Sinochem International stands among the list. Li Rongrong, Chairman of SASAC, Chen Jiagui, Vice President of China Science Academy were present at the annual meeting. Lv Zheng, the director of China Social Science Academy's Industrial Economy Institute granted the trophy to Mao Jianong, the secretary of Sinochem International's Board of Directors.

The "corporate competitiveness" applied the CBCM benchmark developed by China Social Science Academy's Industrial Economy Institute and China Business Post. The key indicators include sales turnover, total profit, net assets, return on assets, return on equity, assets turnover rates, growth rate etc. These indicators gauge and monitor the dynamic competitiveness of China's A share companies and B share companies. The CBCM benchmark also compares these listed companies with non-listed companies in the same sector. It is the second Sinochem International has been awarded this trophy. The first time Sinochem International won the awrad was in 2003.