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Sinochem Recruiting Talents

Date:2005-12-22 Source:Sinochem Group
Sinochem's "2006 Camp Recruitment Promotion" has come to an end. Sinochem has received large number of Resume. The recruitment work has unfolded.

Talent recruitment is essential for Sinochem's business. Sinochem recruits graduates every year. Sinochem's Oil branch and Fertilizer centre has developed their own training program catering their own business.

Sinochem Corporation's recruitment of graduate students for 2006 started in Oct 2005. Based on the initial survey, the HR department formulated the recruitment plan and started its promotion. It published the recruitment posters and pamphlet. Taking the internet as the platform, the HR department unleashed the advertisement on many recruitment website. It also notified key universities with the recruitment plan. The HR personnel went to Tsinghua University, People's University, Foreign Economy and Trade University, China University of Finance and Economy and China Petroleum University to hold the promotional events. These events greatly enhanced the acknowledgement and reputation of Sinochem among college students. The recruitment process will strictly follow the standard procedure.