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Sinochem Unfolding its Service for the Farmers in North-East China

Date:2006-02-08 Source:Sinochem Group
During 2006's spring ploughing, Sinochem Fertilizer will launch more than 100 service activities for the peasants in China's North-East Region. Sinochem will send the fertilizers to the very spot of the farmland and teach the farmers how to apply the fertilizers more scientifically. As China's largest integrated fertilizer company, Sinochem's maneuvering in North-East in the prelude for Sinochem's great Agriculture-Farmer Service Event around the country.

The arable lands of the selected 100 counties accounts for 1/3 of the total arable lands in Heilongjing, Jilin and Liaoning provinces. More than 20,000 peasants benefited from our service throughout the activity. Sinochem will also disseminate scientific pamphlets among the peasants.

"The Expert Lecture" invited the experts and technicians from various units to deliver their speech to teach them how to apply the fertilizer scientifically, how to strike the balance between different fertilizers, how to discern the genuine fertilizer from the fake ones and how to choose reliable purchasing channel. Sinochem has more than 1000 fertilizer sale store around the country and has more than 3000 marketing staffs to ensure the farmers are accessible to the high-quality fertilizer at the very end of the supply chain. And the farmer' s interests are, therefore, protected against infringement.