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20,000 Ton Class HFC-134a Facility Started its Construction in Taicang

Date:2006-03-06 Source:Sinochem Group
On Feb. 26th, in Sinochem Taicang Chemical Industry Park, Taicang Sinochem Environment Protection Chemical Company's 20,000 ton class HFC-134a facility started its construction. The event signified the opening of Sinochem's Fluoro-chemical Industry Base in Taicang Industrial Park.

Feng Zhibin, the Vice President of Sinochem Corporation and government officials from Suzhou city and Taicang city attended the opening ceremony.

As a major substitute for ODS (Ozone Deterioration Substance), HFC-134a is the propitiatory Hi-tech environment-friendly product owned by Xi'an Modern Environment Protection Chemicals Co., Ltd. On the basis of the successful commissioning of 200 ton class HFC-134a' manufacturing facility, Xi'an Environment Protection started its 10,000 ton class HFC-134a facility's construction in Sept, 2001. On Dec.2003 and Feb. 2006, two sets of 5,000 ton class HFC-134a facility were put into operation. In order to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for the product, Xi'an Environment Protection decided to further expand its capacity. The 20,000 class HFC-134a facility in Taicang, which is scheduled to complete its construction at the end of 2006, will enable Sinochem to become the third largest producer of HFC-134a around the world.

In the meantime, Sinochem Taicang Industrial Park will establish its own Fluorochemical Research Centre. It had already conducted the pilot-scale research of HFC-125. HFC-245fa and trichloroethanol are under development via the means of joint venture. In the next 3 to 5 years, fluorochemical products line will be put into mass production. The overall industry park will achieve the scale economy, enjoy the technology excellence and become the world-class fluorochemical industry powerhouse.