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DRC built up in Sinochem

Date:2006-03-21 Source:Sinochem Group
On Feb. 18th, Sinochem IT Department's DRS (Disaster Recovery Center) was formally established. Sinochem is among few Chinese enterprises with the capability of information disaster recovery apart from a handful of financial entities.

Traditional Informational Security Technology in certain extent safeguards the smooth operation of the system, but can not ward off the catastrophe such as earthquake, flood, war etc. Disaster Recovery can recover the information back to normality from cripple state. DRS is the final defense for information security.

For DRS, The key data will be stored automatically in another safe place. If there is the disaster, those data could be transmitted back to Sinochem's ERP server. The system could ensure that Sinochem's business will not be interrupted from information disruption. According to the prevailing standard, Sinochem's DRS can recover all the key information in 20 hours to several days.