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Sinochem Rated “A” as the Performance Evaluation Held By SASAC

Date:2006-09-14 Source:Sinochem Group

Sinochem was once again rated as “A” as the performance evaluation was done by SASAC, Sinochem’s investor. This the second time Sinochem gets the highest ranking since SASAC started its performance evaluation works.

166 central SOEs were rated by SASAC according to their performance. 28 SOEs were rated as “A”. 84 SOEs were rated as “B”. 48 SOEs were rated as “C”. 4 SOEs were rated as “D”. 2 SOEs were rated as “E”. Baosteel, Shenhua, Sinopec, China Telecom, China Mobile along with Sinochem were all “A” rated SOEs.