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YuLan Joins Sinochem International’s Fleet

Date:2006-10-15 Source:Sinochem Group

On Sept.15th, the delivery ceremony between Hainan Sinochem Shippment Corporation (under Sinochem International’s flagship) and Chuandong Ship Building Work was held in Shanghai. Sinochem International’s Chairman of the Board Luo Dongjiang and CEO Xu Weihui and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation’s Vice President Li Guoan attended the delivery ceremony.

Hainan Sinochem Shippment Corporation, controlled by Sinochem International, is China’s largest operator of transshipping liquid chemical product. It has both the ocean and coastal shipping capability. The company owns the fleet of IMO II and IMO III with the capacity ranging from 1000 DWT to 14,000 DWT. The total capacity has reached 100,000 DWT. YunLan is the second high-standard ship earmarked for liquid chemicals in Sinochem’s shipbuilding plan. Other ten new ships will be commissioned in the next 3 years.