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Sinochem International strived to become the biggest chemical product logistic service provider in Southwest China

Date:2007-08-09 Source:Sinochem Group

On August 4, Sinochem International (600500),the holding listed company of our corporation, held Sinochem International Logistic Promotion Conference at Wanhao Hotel in Chongqing, to review the development strategy of Sinochem International in chemical product logistics and their achievements, and also introduced the plan and progress on Chongqing Chemical Industrial Park Logistic Project of Sinochem International. General Manager of Sinochem International, Xu Weihui and related leaders of Chongqing municipal government has attended the conference.

Sinochem International Chongqing Storage Logistic Co. Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary company of Sinochem International, will enter Chongqing Chemical Industrial Park to develop integrated logistic services, such as chemical product dock, tank, container, shipping liquid chemicals in Yangtze River, dangerous article warehouse, etc. and make efforts to become the biggest synthetic chemical product logistic service provider in Southwest China and contribute to the whole Yangtze River shipping and the economical development of the area.

At present, the business of Sinochem International, especially its liquid chemicals domestic trade shipping, is recognized as one of the best in the country. Sinochem International has high-standard liquid chemical product fleets and professional management teams; Tank container logistic service, which is developing smoothly at present, has set up service networks in the important areas of the country and provides professional logistic services for the customers; Harbor logistic service mainly makes investment for the dangerous article logistics and related logistic facilities, and provides services according to the customer needs.

In recent years, the cooperation between Sinochem International and Chongqing City is getting closer gradually. Sinochem International has made 6 liquid chemical product ships at Chongqing Chuandong Shipyard, with a total investment of about one billion Yuan RMB. On April 5, 2007, Sinochem and Chongqing Chemical Industrial Park, supported by Chongqing City, once again signed the contract of the cooperation agreement on the integrated logistic services in the Chemical Industrial Park. On June 25, Sinochem International Storage Transport Chongqing Co. Ltd. was established.

Sinochem International will build logistic facilities, such as liquid chemical product tank, pipe rack, chemical product dock, etc. in Chongqing Chemical Industrial Park according to the needs of the industrial park and customers of Chongqing. It will also expand Yangtze River chemical products shipping business in accordance with the logistic demands of the enterprises. Moreover, 1000 tank containers will be put into market to meet the high level of safety standards for the land transportation of liquid chemical products. In order to meet the needs for chemical product container transportation of the customers in the park, a chemical product management center will be constructed to provide professional logistic services for the customers.

At present, Sinochem International has already started infrastructure construction of the industrial park.