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Sinochem Fertilizer has successfully issued new stock of 400 million and raised the funds of 2.3 billion HK dollars

Date:2007-08-07 Source:Sinochem Group

On July 12, Sinochem Fertilizer0297.HK, listed holding enterprise of our corporation, has successfully made a financing transaction by issuing 400 million new stock in the capital market, and the proportional selling price of each share is 5.9 HK dollars, and the net fundraising is 2.3246 billion HK dollars. This is the first time that Sinochem Fertilizer ever put such a large sum of financing in the capital market since it was listed.


As the largest supplier and distributor of chemical fertilizer in China, Sinochem Fertilizer has been widely recognized by the shareholders and investors for its excellent performances ever since it was listed on Hong Kong market in July 2005. The share price has increased from 1.3 HK dollars per share when it was listed at the very beginning to 6.37 HK dollars per share now, the highest price of this year, which has increased by 3.9 times.


With the turnover of $351.1 billion USD, Wal-Mart surpassed Exxon Mobil to take the first position on the list again.