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Sinochem Taicang Fluorine Chemical Industry Joint Laboratory unveiled for establishment

Date:2007-08-06 Source:Sinochem Group

On July 19, Sinochem Taicang – Shanghai Organic Research Institute Fluorine Chemical Industry Joint Laboratory was formally established. Vice President Feng Zhibin of the Corporation, Director Jiang Biao of Shanghai Organic Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, Academician Chen Qingyun of Chinese Academy of Science, senior experts of fluorine chemical industry, and the leaders of the Party and government of Taicang City attended the unveiling ceremony.   


In July 2006, Sinochem Taicang Industrial Park, the subordinate enterprise of our corporation, signed the agreement with Shanghai Organic Research Institute for the joint laboratory. Through one-year operation, the joint laboratory has made great progress on the preparatory of the base and the planning cooperative research on partial experimental projects. In order to cherish the fruitful results of cooperation, it needs to continually increase the funds for R&D of the projects, and intensify the experimental equipments and senior members of R&D team, and also needs to enhance the capacity of the joint laboratory for the research in the field of fluorine chemical industry. Both parties decided to expand and formally put joint laboratory of Sinochem Taicang R&D Center into operation. It would focus on the base of Sinochem Taicang Fluorine Chemical Industry, so as to establish a multifunctional platform of production, study and research for improving the capacity of innovation and industrialization.


Shanghai Organic Research Institute has fruitful achievements and expert team that has rich experiences in the field of fluorine chemical industry of China. The bilateral cooperation will speed up the technology transformation of Shanghai Organic Research Institute, and effectively narrow the gap between the advanced technology and patent in fluorine chemical industry of Sinochem Taicang Industrial Park, and also enhance the competitive power of the Industrial Park in global fluorine chemical industry.


Sinochem Taicang Industrial Park has not only pushed forward the joint laboratory operation, but also accomplished the integration of Hangzhou R&D Center and Suzhou R&D Center. It has established Fluorine Chemical Industry R&D Center which consists of five research rooms, and its research covers the field ranging from ODS substitutes, fluorine fine chemical products, fluorine polymers, and the related catalysts. As the backbone of industrialization of the Corporation in the development strategy of fluorine chemical industry, Sinochem Taicang Industrial Park has also set up four related middle practice experimental devices this year, and established a complete set of technologically industrialized research platform.