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Sinochem International Awarded “Most Amicable Listed Company”

Date:2006-04-05 Source:Sinochem Group
On Mar. 31st, the awarding ceremony of "2005 Most Amicable Listed Company in Investors' Mind" was held in Shanghai International Convention Center. The event is organized and sponsored by Shanghai Wanguo Appraisal and other entities.

The overall activity lasted 3 months. More than 1300 listed companies took part in the selection process. Nearly 1 million investors cast their votes. After the preliminary vote, final vote and expert review, 120 companies were elected as the “Most Amicable Listed Company”

The factors such as Future listed company's value, the price of new floatation, refinance scale, merge and acquisition cost, investor acknowledgement are to be surveyed. The activity was held for the purpose of enhancing the relationship between listed company and investors.