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New Progress of Sinochem's Trademark Protection

Date:2005-11-23 Source:Sinochem Group
Sinochem is the only Chinese Company who has its National Renowned Trademarks both in its servicing business and in its commodity. Since Sinochem enjoys high reputation in the business scope, the infringement on Sinochem's trade mark is frequent. Sinochem leverage legal measures to give them a heavy blow and protect Sinochem's interest.

In the early days of 2005, a Beijing company was named "Beijing Sinochem Qinfeng Project Management and Consultation Company". The legal representative of that company used to work in one of Sinochem's branch "Beijing Sinochem Qinfeng Embellishment Company Limited". In light of this, we ascertain that it is the "freewheel" act and infringe the interest of Sinochem Corporation. Receiving our company's complaint, Beijing Administration of Industry and Commerce delegated Xicheng District Administration of Industry and Commerce to address the issue. Recently, under the supervision of the relevant authority, the company expunged "Sinochem" from its official name. In Apr. 2005, another company used its logo which is very similar with Sinochem's "flask" logo in its website. Chaoyang District Administration of Industry and Commerce received Sinochem's compliant and made the arbitration. And the company's logo was expelled from its website.

Since 2002, Sinochem tackled several trademark infringement cases by using legal means. Sinochem has won several legal cases against the enterprises in Beijing, Cangzhou, and Shenzhen with respect to website Name infringement. Sinochem also won the firm name cases agaist Zhejiang Sinochem Network Ltd. and Shanghai Sinochem Network Ltd. Through Trademark Opposition Procedure, State Trademark Bureau also dismissed 4 enterprises' application of their trademarks similar with Sinochem's trademark.