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Sinochem Group Has Become the First Entity in China in Formulating International Standard in Pesticides Invention

Date:2016-07-15 Source:SYRICI

Recently, two new FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) standards for pesticides invention by the Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry affiliated to Sinochem Group, has passed the test, the first case in China in setting international pesticides standards. Meanwhile, it will improve the international competitiveness of bactericide "pyraoxystrobin" with independent intellectual property rights.

These two international standards for inventing new pesticides are FAO standards of pyraoxystrobin TC and SC respectively. The standards passed the test conducted by JMPS experts at the joint conference of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), WHO (World Health Organization) and CIPAC (Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council); in addition, they will be taken as codes of conduct and technical support for international trade of pyraoxystrobin products. 

FAO standards for pesticides admitted by ISO (International Standardization Organization), are international advanced standards with authority, and have been evaluated as the international standards of pesticide products and also the main international standards adopted by pesticide products in China. Leading the establishment of new FAO standards in pesticide invention has become an important technical means in erecting international non-tariff trade barriers, which was once monopolized by international leading agrochemical companies. In recent years, on the basis of developing pesticide products of independent intellectual property rights, Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry has also made active deployments in the fields of international pesticides standards. 

Pyraoxystrobin is a newly-developed strobilurin bactericide by Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, and has been granted the patent in China, U.S., Japan and many European countries, which possesses high bactericidal activity, good environmental compatibility, and is an outstanding broad-spectrum bactericide. After several years of strenuous efforts, Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry has established the first CIPAC analysis method in pesticides invention, filed an application of standard evaluation to FAO last year, and submitted the whole set of experimental data required by the formulation of new standards.