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Chairman Frank Ning Attended Global Innovator Conference and Annual Conference of APEC China Business Council

Date:2016-08-11 Source:Sinochem Group

On August 1, Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group, attended Global Innovator Conference Shenzhen Forum and Annual Conference of APEC China Business Council as Chairman of the Council.

Global Innovator Conference Shenzhen Forum was hosted by APEC China Business Council and People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality as one of the important supporting activities of the Third Meeting of 2016 APEC Business Advisory Council, with the attendance of Mr. Juan Raffo, Chairman of 2016 APEC Business Advisory Council, Mr. Chen Biao, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Municipality and the representatives from 21 APEC economies.

In the opening ceremony, Mr. Frank Ning delivered the keynote speech. He pointed out that the importance of innovation has been increasingly highlighted in economic development. Innovation not only is the solution to overcapacity, repeated construction, low-price competition, bulk commodity speculation, capital market bubble and industry loss, but also can provide greater convenience for the people’s livelihood. At present, the appearance of “L” patterned economic growth is closely related to the lack of innovation.

Mr. Frank Ning noted, enterprise innovation is the powerhouse for economic growth, and is also a basic duty of the enterprise. Enterprise innovation shall focus on the improvement of productivity and production capacity, thus improving the life of the people. But innovation is hardly easy, which involves multiple aspects, such as technology, product, system, philosophy and business model, and needs patient investment, scientific research and long-time cultivation. Mr. Frank Ning hoped that the Chinese enterprises could realize the true exchange with the enterprises of APEC member countries, formulate an innovative philosophy and mode of thinking, and push the economic development by using the spirit of exploration and innovation.
At the same day, Mr. Frank Ning hosted 2016 Annual Conference of APEC China Business Council. He pointed out that APEC China Business Council was a good platform in strengthening the exchanges and discussions concerning the development in the business community, hoping that the Chinese entrepreneurs could take an active part in the studies on the APEC topics and participate in the drafting of the international economic and trade rules. Mr. Frank Ning requested the Secretariat of APEC China Business Council further streamlining detailed work and enhancing the policy guide, earnestly performing daily work arrangements, grow, and develop the council team.